Photograph: Leila Jacue

Photograph by Leila Jacue

Megan Turner’s short story, ‘Backyard Dogs,’ is a triumph of perspective, artfully switching between that of a young shut-in and a homeless man, for whom trespassing is a necessity of life. Turner brings these two characters alive with startling language and imagery. The juxtaposition of their struggles and strange visions reminds us of how we are at once close and distant to each other.”

—Joseph Gross, “Trespassing,Atticus Review

“Megan Turner doesn’t write romance. She doesn’t write horror or drama or thrillers. Megan Turner writes tension […] She is a writer of extensive precision and visible intelligence in her restraint. Her stories are packed with the combustible elements of human relationship that constantly await that single match which sometimes fizzles, sometimes explodes.

— Kyle McCord, “Introduction,” Catch-Up, Emerging Writers Issue

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